How to check for pfsense bottlenecks/issues.

  • I installed pfsense on a qnap VM and was wondering the best way to identify bottlenecks/pfsense issues. Our internet is VERY slow so can't use throughput to load test.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @muckmuck I don't have a great comprehensive approach, but it seems to me like a decent first step would be to run iperf between one or more clients on your LAN and the pfSense machine. Granted, that's a relatively low bar, but if you get the throughput you expect it at least vets the path from your LAN hosts through the VM to the pfSense guest instance. Without fast Internet, I'm not sure how to best perform a test for bottlenecks past that point. On the other hand, as long as there's no bottleneck so severe as to artificially constrain the Internet throughput available, does it matter? You could also run the dslreports speed test, which checks for things like latency and bufferbloat in addition to raw throughput.

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    Is just internet slow? What about pfSense WebGUI itself?

    Make sure you're not having an IP conflict somewhere.

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    Doesn't sound to me like there is any problems - just wanting to check if all looks normal. That is the way I read it. When he says his internet is slow he just means its not a fast enough connection to do any serious load testing.

    Could you clarify @muckmuck are you seeing some sort of issue or just wanting to do a health check?

  • @ivor WebGUI speed seems fine.

  • @thenarc Thanks! I will give iperf a shot and see how it affects Load numbers and check throughput.
    The "Load Average" numbers from "System Information" are typically lower than the following:
    Load average 0.36, 0.34, 0.28
    The VM has 3gigs of ram but am receiving two 8 gig sticks for the QNAP today so I will probably bump it up to 4 gigs.

    Thanks again for the responses.

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