freeradius amount of time doesnt work

  • Hi,
    want to do some counts on daily time but it seems to be buggy. I activated accounting at ruckus AP and pfsense 2.4.3_1 and it works with counting megabytes.

    Jun 13 08:47:58 	root 		FreeRADIUS: User xyz has used 698 MB of 10000 MB daily allotted traffic. The login request was accepted. 

    But with time amount daily or weekly nothing happens. The Ruckus sends interim updates and Stop messages with the used time. But on relogin no check happens. Can someone check this?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It works for me here, but I only tested with Captive Portal and FreeRADIUS on pfSense, not an external AP.

    IIRC, time counting didn't work with Interim updates but I can't remember exactly why, it only worked with stop/start and we even had to add a special setting to Captive Portal to make FreeRADIUS happy with stop/start times.

  • ok, this is what I read too.

    But should not freeradius change its behaviour, when its wrong? I would use CP only as workaround.
    Some recommendation for alternate radius server, maybe on debian?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's more about there being a wide variety of implementations of RADIUS servers/clients/NAS devices and they all do things slightly differently, plus the scripts to collect the data can be different. FreeRADIUS wrapped in some other flavor like daloradius may work with your AP, for example.

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