pfSense DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 DNS registration to Windows DNS

  • I am using pfSense as my gateway to the internet. pfSense is providing DHCP services to the LAN. My ISP offers dual stack IP addressing with IPv6 via Prefix Delegation. IPv6 addresses are being issued by the pfSense router. All hosts are receiving correct addresses and they can all use IPv4 or IPv6, both locally and to the internet. That's all fine.

    DNS is another matter. I have a Windows DNS server running on a Windows Domain Server. All Windows machines are configured to register their IP addresses directly to DNS. That part of my DNS deployment works. Note that my DNS servers accept insecure registration requests.

    However Linux, Android and Apple devices are not being registered in DNS because they do not register themselves. I have been unable to locate information in pfSense that would handle this. Nothing in Dynamic DNS appears to me to be congruent with Windows DNS server.

    Normally I would just use DHCP on Windows as it handles all this correctly. However the Windows DHCPv6 server can only dole out addresses with fixed prefixes. Therefore it can't be used in a PD environment.

    Any advice regarding getting pfSense to register host names in this environment?

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