torrents are shaped but not being split evenly

  • I just noticed today that when downloading ubuntu via torrent, the bandwidth is capped at the limiters value which is good (this does not happen when uPnP is on). But when I try to download a second file or maybe open a youtube video, pfSense does not split the bandwidth evenly... the torrent seems to hold all of it.

    Im using fq_codel with limiters.

  • @areynot I dunno how exactly you are measuring. As long as u never get youtube buffering, the mechanism works. Why do you need it to even? What if youtube takes less than 1/2 your available bandwidth, you don't want torrent to use any leftover?

  • @SammyWoo Thanks for the reply mr sammy, I do want torrents to use everything thats leftover.

    My youtube example was probably not the right choice. I have tested with different types of simultaneous downloads and they all split evenly except for torrents.
    Torrents wont allow to be cut down.

  • @areynot It would not be unusual for torrent to want to grab EVERYTHING, there maybe a limiter you can place on the torrent client itself, don't know whether you can limit this under pfsense.

  • @areynot Are you using queues under your limiters? I believe that you want one or more upload queues with the source mask set to /32 and one or more download queues with the destination mask set to /32. My understanding - and it may be flawed - is that doing so will result in each host on your LAN being assigned one upload queue and one download queue. So consider the simplest case where you make one download queue for your download limiter and one upload queue for your upload limiter, and then just assign every host on your LAN to use these queues. If you have N hosts on your network, then the most active queues you should have at any given time is N download queues and N upload queues, and your download and upload bandwidth should be shared roughly evenly across them.

    At a very basic level, though, limiters (pipes) establish a cap on your bandwidth, but queues assigned to those limiters determine how that bandwidth is shared among multiple hosts.

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