How to limit bandwidth on a 4G failover link

  • Hi y'all

    I have 2 fast ISP connections WAN1 and WAN2 (same ISP but different contracts so if one fails so does the other) . I also have a 4G connection via a Huawei router connected to pfsense.

    I have set up a gateway group where the 4G acts as failover for WAN1. WAN2 has no failover.

    If WAN1 goes down I don't want the data cap on 4G to be instantly used up by some streaming or other bandwidth application - essentially I'd like to limit the 4G connection to low bandwidth stuff like email.

    So I have a firewall rule that forces known bandwidth heavy hosts to always use WAN2, which doesn't fail over. But that's a non-precision approach as it just cuts off those nodes. Can I do this in a smarter way?

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