Squid Or Snort Or Anything - Visited Sites Log

  • Guys,

    I have configured squid before, and used it as a proxy and such. I have a requirement where I just would like to get a report of sites visited. I was going to throw a sophos UTM in the middle of the boxes I would like to monitor. I do not want to do any blocking or caching.

    I have set squid up to do splice only, and disabled caching by setting size variables to 0. It looks to be working with Lightsquid.

    Is there a better way to do this, I honestly just want to see, so I was thinking snort might be better here, but I do not know how that reporting would work. I do not want to redirect any protocols...IE to the transparent proxy.

    I just want to know when a site was visited and what the site was. Just a promiscuous inspection.

    Any ideas here?

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