Set download speed per specific WAN interfaces

  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to set a download limit for individual WAN/GWs as my LAN interface rules specifies traffic to out different gws depending on what it is.

    I've tried the wizard (after manually configuring it) but it appears to SUM the download speed inputs into one figure and sticks it in the LAN interface shaper, but that means traffic can pull over the actual limits of one of the gateways causing issues.

    Have looked at Limiters however I don't this would act like the queuing system, or would adding on a limiters specifying the max download speed of each gw and applying to the appropriate rules do the trick?

    I've got my single LAN/WAN setup on a different router going well and would like something comparable. Is there a different configuration step that I'm missing or is this not possible?

    Apologies if I've missed the information that explains this, I've spent hours trying things and scouring the net for answers :(

    Thank you for reading my post and if you respond!

  • @raspberry As one goes into the traffic shaper config menu, right on the first screen it asks whether you are dealing with single WAN or multiple WANs, so that sounds like critical to set it right, and go from there. I have a single WAN so I wouldn't be able to guide you further. The wizard doesn't work, may have to do this manually, uh ugly I know.

  • I've tried manually setting it up and following the wizard and I can't find any settings to set the limit per gateway.

    Does anyone know how I'd go about this?
    I think the only option would be to set a limiter on the rule that points out a specific gateway and set the queue in the rule as well. Will have a further play tonight to see if I can get it sortof working :)

  • You need to use limiters to limit ingress on the WAN. Shaping can only limit egress.

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