IPv6 HE tunnel coexisting with Prefix Delegation

  • Forgive me if this is a dumb question but I am in learning mode.

    I have been using pfSense with a dual stack service from Cox. It's prefix delegation with my LAN "Tracking" the WAN. In the last day I added an HE IPv6 tunnel. The gateway to the HE tunnel shows online.

    I would like to have one or two machines on the LAN use the HE Gateway rather than the Wan gateway. Using a test VM, I turned off all auto configuration and set up a static definition as follows:

    IP address: MtRouted64Prefix::1001
    Gateway: FE80::1:1 -- This is the local link address to my pfSense router. It routes to Cox.

    Pings to IPv6 routeable addresses are returning unreachable.

    I am unsure what steps to take next and need a little help getting pointed in the right direction.

    Any guidance you might rpovide would be greatly appreciated.

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