Dual adsl and udp

  • Hi,
    I've a configuration problem.
    I've two external interfaces (WAN and KPN) connected to two adsl routers.
    I don't understand why the udp dns traffic on port 53 goes through WAN, also if I've written a rule forcing it through KPN
    No problem for tcp.

    I need help,

    PS. Sorry for my english

  • This rule only affects traffic comming in on the LAN-interface (your clients).
    All services on pfSense themself can only make use of the WAN.
    The DNS-forwarder on pfSense resolves through the WAN.

    If you want to force one of your DNS entries to the second WAN you need to create a static route for this IP to your second WAN.

    Search the forum for this topic.
    Perry wrote some howto's.

  • Hi,
    thankyou very much for your help.
    Now it works!!!

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