Increase the internet speed by merging links

  • Hi everyone,
    i am new in the world of pfsense and i need help about multiwan.
    i want to increase the speed of my internet connection by put together the wan ADSL2+ and 2 usb 4G (Huawei dongles) links.
    i did the configuration of a multiwan with load balancing strategy (by following youtube tutos) but only one link work at a time (when i look at the interface monitoring.
    who can i "merge" these links to have a unique transparente pipeline to internet (with a pararel download on these links) ?

    thanks in advance for your help.

  • Hi Anis.Sidhoumi

    I wanted the same thing and took me a bit to figure out but this is what I did.

    1. verify that you have both of the wan connections working, and I think that you do.
      2.Navigate to System->Routing->Gateway groups and create a new gateway group, call it "Load Balancing"
    2. In gateway priority choose the 2 links that you want to use and then set them to tier three.
    3. Choose "packet loss or High latency"
    4. Enter the description if you want one, say Load Balancing and press save.
    5. navigate to Firewall->rules edit or create the following rule.

    Action [pass]
    Interface [Lan]
    Address family[IPv4]
    Source[Lan Net]
    Description [Default allow LAN to Any Rule]

    1. Open advance options and look for the Gate way line and choose the "Load balance gateway" we created earlier.
    2. run a speed test and see how it works.

    Now there are some caveats;

    1 some connections don't like multi link connections and you will need to turn on "Use sticky connections " found in System->Advanced->Miscellaneous under load balancing. Actually while you are there turn on "Enable gateway switching" in case one goes down.

    2 Some sites in the business world authenticate you via one of your ips and if this is the case then you will need to create a firewall rule to allow them out and a routing rule for the direction.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks a lot i will try it and give you a feedback as soon as i can.

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