Transparent firewall/nat to secondary gateway possible?

  • My computer at the office is a part of a windows domain, and most of the ports are blocked by their firewall, so I have very restricted internett access. I want to find a way to have more internet freedom on my work computer
    I came up with an idea, not sure if its possible:
    Can pfsense sit in the middle on a small computer between the work-computer and LAN, as a transparent firewall, forwarding all the group/policy/domain stuff that happens so the office computer get internet? And is it possible to filter traffic on i.e. port 22 and route that to a OPT1 NIC where I have my own internet/gateway set up?

    Then normal internett traffic is going through the corporate network, but all traffic on port 22 is sent through my own internett/gateway.

    Not sure if Im gonna do it, but wonder if it is even technically possible?

  • Galactic Empire

    Talk to your network administrator or superiors about granting you more access. Adding pfSense will there will only get you to break company policies. We generally don't help with requests like these.

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