Question concerning installation

  • Hello,
    I have a question concerning the installation of pfsence.
    I don't know what ip address i need to set in WAN interface.

    I've got a box and i want to connect it to the firewall, do i need to set an static ip adress ?

    thx for your help

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Does the network your going to connect the wan interface of pfsense provide dhcp? If not you would have to talk to the network owner (isp normally) on what you should set for static.

    If the network your connecting pfsense wan to is your own - then to be honest if your asking this question maybe pfsense is a bit over your skillset currently.

    Did you mean the LAN and now wan, when you say you have a box and you want to connect it to the firewall (pfsense?) or some other firewall?

  • @johnpoz said in Question concerning installation:

    when you say yo


    I'm pretty new in network administration i just want to learn :)

    Here you can find the architecture :

    Internet ==> Box ==> PFsence ==> switch

    I'm the owner of the box, currently the box provide dhcp.
    My goal is to secure all the network by installing the firewall but i need your help :)

    I know the basic of network, but i want to learn more :)

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    Well if your the owner of the this box, ie take a "modem/router/gateway" if this provides dhcp to your current network and you want put pfsense and your network behind this "box" then you can just let pfsense use dhcp on its wan (which is the default) or you could set it to be static depending on the network currently behind your "box"

    That would be up to you.

    Normally pfsense would replace this "box" and get dhcp from your ISP via a modem or a gateway in "bridge mode" so that pfsense gets a public IP on its wan from your ISP. But it does not have to be on the public internet it can be behind your box doing nat.

    Then in general you would place the rest of your network behind pfsense. Where you could use the default network on pfsense lan of 192.168.1/24 or set this to be whatever you want. The only thing to make sure of is that network on the lan does not overlap the network on the wan of pfsense.

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