redirect to 20443 port

  • I tested a new package DNSThingy and changed pfSense port to 20443 and then reverted back to default ports.

    However whenever I try to connect to my pfsense box via browser I get redirected to 20443 https

    Why ?


  • I guess too simple question, everybody knows the answer except me :(

  • Clear your browser cache / try a different browser.

    Safari always gives me this kind of garbage.
    After I went to:
    I cannot reach
    anymore but will always be redirected to
    httpS://host.example.tld:56789 in Safari.

    No other engine has this problem, only Safari. That's why I dumped it.
    Opera ("Chrome without Google") FTW!

  • Thx @jahonix
    I actually see it ob Chome and FF, very annoying

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