pfSense UI freezes when a complex webpage loads

  • In testing pfblockerNG and snort I was seeing a behavior when trying to load "" (URL obfuscated, you kids know the real one).

    I assumed it was snort inspecting traffic so I stopped snort and pfblockerNG and the UI still froze for 30 seconds when I loaded the page.

    Before I go down a rat hole, is this expected behavior?

    The pr0nhub site is a massive page load with lots of small streaming video thumbnails, so it's pretty taxing but I'd hope the SG-3100 wouldn't break a sweat.

    I'm running the release code at the moment.

    Update: possibly related

    I realize that comment is regarding the SG-1000 but the behavior is identical. I DO have the traffic graph widget on my top page, but I have seen the admin UI freeze on my SG-3100 on other pages when I'm testing the config by loading suspect pages on an internal host.

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