SG-3100 Error: Username or Password incorrect

  • New owner. I use password software to create, store, and input my credentials, and I've used only one credentials pair for the SG-3100 besides the factory default. Immediately after I plugged a wireless access point into one LAN port, I began to get the error "Username or Password incorrect" at the WebGUI login screen accessed from another LAN port. This prevents me from configuring pfSense via WebGUI.

    I would prefer to wipe all settings and start fresh, but the SG-3100 manual suggests that a hard reset may corrupt the product's firmware ("cause data corruption"). That's a bad idea, so what should I try next?

    I've used pfSense's console before, but that was from a virtual machine, and attaching a Debian machine to it is a little farther up the curve than I hoped to climb today (family's waiting patiently for wifi right now). I've done most all of the obvious things, like reboot computer, cycle, different browser, checked password history, tried default credentials, disconnected AP, etc.

    Bonus question: any idea what may have caused the problem? I've haven't even looked at the pfSense's credentials screen since I first set them. That they would change like this is so bizarre that I'm second-guessing myself.

  • STOP THE PRESSES. I paired the default username "admin" with my password. I was most likely careless in entering the credentials.

    This post of mine doesn't help anyone. If an admin would like to remove it from forum searching, I would approve.

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    @luv_pfsense_luv said in SG-3100 Error: Username or Password incorrect:

    but the SG-3100 manual suggests that a hard reset may corrupt the product’s firmware (“cause data corruption”).

    That is not related to

    I would prefer to wipe all settings

    These 2 things have nothing to do with each other. A "hard reset" is just instant removal of POWER... Which yes can cause problem but its not going to corrupt the firmware..

    If you want to restore to factory - then select that from console if you can not get in via gui or ssh. Or reinstall pfsense.

  • Thanks for explaining what the hard reset button does. A similar button on my last firewall, an RV series Cisco, would do a factory reset (until one day last week it didn't).

    I've wanted to run pfSense for seven years, and now here I am. Hello! Everything's up, running, and configured. I also just accessed the console for the first time by USB, following Netgate's product manual (sudo modprobe cp210x; sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200).

    Thanks for piping up with helpful info on what I expected to be an abortive thread.

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    Great to hear.. Yeah took me a while to be able to get pfsense into the work place.. Have couple of small units in play now with more to follow (hopefully) and then cross fingers knock on wood some bigger devices in other area's of the network.

    Here to help and answer questions - so if you have any.. Just ask.. Been running pfsense for 10-11 years ;) Only recently in the work place..

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