quickbook spam?

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    So been baby sitting some carrier maint on a line all night, so been on the forums - lots of quickbook spam.. Which I had not see before.. The url they posted tested fine with virustotal.. But hosted somewhere in india..

    One thing was hoping for with the new forum software was better spam prevention.. But the reporting of it is easier and faster ;)

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    We may have to turn on some of the more advanced anti-spam features. It has a registration question and Google's recaptcha, but if it's humans behind the spamming and not bots, that's not as effective.

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    Almost impossible to stop humans doing it, that is if you want to allow for actual new users ;) Other than 100% moderation where your first few posts are not even allowed until mod ok's it.

    Which I have seen at some forum sites - but its horrible!!! You guys do a fantastic job of removing the spam..

    WTF do they get from the nonsense - why continue to hit a site when you know at best your spam is going only going to be there few a few minutes? Maybe an hour or two?

    What would make it easier to report is if don't have actually go into the post to report it, and could just do it from the thread list page. because some of them are 100% clear and obvious spam right from the title. Like that quickbook shit.

    Or the ones with urls in the subject to some viagra site ;)

  • Regarding spam.. Is there a way to report it in this new forum?

  • Click on the ... and flag post for moderation

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