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    Finding VPS is a thing i'm doing for past few days and cannot succeed at all
    So can you advise me some?

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    What requirements are you looking for? Buget constraints? What part of the globe would you like it to be in?

    Seems like a really odd place to ask such a question for a 1 post wonder.. There are hundreds if not 1000's of forums where primary focus is hosting and vps, etc.

    Your post seems fishy - like come back later and say oh found a great vps host..

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    @johnpoz said in Finding VPS:

    Your post seems fishy - like come back later and say oh found a great vps host..

    Indeed. I bet it's only a matter of time before we see a spammy affiliate link pop up.

    That said, if they are truly asking, DigitalOcean is tough to beat on price/value for what you get in terms of cpu/ram/disk/throughput.

  • I use Digital Ocean, they have really detailed tutorials for different packages. I don't think they offer a pfsense image at the moment. Base price is $5/month.

    I have also setup a Vultr VPS ($2.50/month - which is probably below recommended spec) with their pfsense image for testing. This (2.4) didn't work properly initially , so I used the older (2.3) image and performed the GUI upgrade to get a stable (remote) installation of pfsense 2.4.

    Linode is also mentioned along with these other two, for entry-level VPS. I'm not technically competent enough to compare the relative merits or performance of each.

    I'm guessing that referral links are banned in these posts, but you can get a 'credit' for some of these services by signing up with another user's referral code.

    I'm not going to post mine, but there are a couple of really good (beginner) tutorials or reviews online, with a link. If you find a good tutorial, thank them by using their link.

    You can find cheaper options, but the consensus seems to be that these are not worth the effort?

    @johnpoz @jimp I'm guessing that the OP was overloaded with too much choice, and wanted a reliable recommendation (for pfsense?) - not sure if Vultr is 'reliable' in that sense, but I am able to test pfsense with a couple of options away from my production environment.

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    Yeah doubt that... He just posted some link in a 9 month old Swedish thread speaking english.. Clearly he is a spammer.

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