2 NICs, 2 inbound WANs?

  • So I recently threw an ESXi machine in a datacenter. I got 4 public IP addresses with it (all in the same subnet and using the same gateway), one is for the host itself, the other 3 are for services on the server.

    The server has two physical NICs, pfSense is connected to both of them. The third NIC is a virtual card which is used for the LAN network built inside the ESXi box.

    2 of the remaining 3 IP addresses are now working fine on the first physical NIC.

    However, I want the last IP address to be used with the secondary physical NIC... Is this even possible? If I try to configure the NIC using the same gateway, I'm not allowed to... I'm not really sure whre to start looking, there is the 1:1 setting under NAT which could be of use for me? Or do I have to congigure the "WAN2" interface differently and connect a virtual IP to it? I'm trying to read up on all the features of pfSense, but I just can't figure it out...

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