Website blocked, but by what?

  • Me again. Not sure whether to tag this with cache/proxy, pfBlockerNG, thisdummyneedsalesson...!
    Using 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) with pfBlockerNG-devel 2.2.1. I did have squid installed, but have uninstalled it and any aliases that were referenced, so not really sure if that is part of the issue.
    I am unable to visit It just fails to load. No error given, no block rule given, doesn't show up in any logs(afaik). I am able to visit the site on my cell, so I know the site is up and running.
    I've whitelisted the domain in dnsbl, and reloaded the rules, and then rebooted, and still no dice. I'm not able to ping that address from either the network, or the pfsense box itself.


    ![0_1529718094804_Screenshot from 2018-06-22 21-39-12.png](Uploading 99%)

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    Run this command to see if its blocked via DNSBL:


    If it replies with the DNSBL VIP address, then it is blocked via DNSBL. Check the Reports/Alerts Tab to see what is being blocked.

    Do you have any IP/GeoIP blocking, if so, review the Reports/Alerts Tab to see if the IP for that website is being blocked.

  • @BBcan177 , thank you for the reply.
    Ping shows complete packet loss. So not resolving to DNSBL.
    It is not showing up in the reports page under IP or DNSBL, nor under the firewall logs.
    GeoIP is only set for disable inbound for GeoIP Top Spammers.


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