Cant access webgui

  • Hi all, I have been running pfsense router for about a month now.  I was trying to setup a port forward rule and after i applied it i could not reconnect to the webgui.  this is happens even when i have a static ip on the computer with the same subnet and the ethernet connected straight to the router.  i still cant connect to the router.  If i reassign the interfaces it will let me back in.  could this be a sign of a defective nic?  it only has two nic interfaces. both realtek gigabit.  ???

  • That sounds very strange. Which port did you forward and how do your configurations look like?

  • i believe i was forwarding port 4125 to the lan interface, trying to test something.  when you say config, what do you mean? system specs, lan setup?

  • well i replaced the NIC's with 2 different ones and it still does it.  maybe this could be a hard drive issue?  it seems now the only way to get it to stop is to reset to factory defaults and then use the gui to restore an older xml file and then when it reboots it wont let me on the GUI.

  • When it reboots after you restored from your backup it won't let you in anymore? That really sounds more like a configuration error than a hardware error. Could you please post some screenshots of your rules and NAT Port forwarding.

  • I think your right.  I dont know what it is exactly though it seems to be different things, but its always in the NAT when it does it.  this what my old NAT looked like I cant get into the xml anymore with out it doing it

  • The webgui runs on a port.
    Usually on port 80 (or 443 in case of https).

    You can not forward the port the webgui uses to an internal server and have the webgui on the same port at the same time.

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