Marking read

  • I know I've asked this before, but is it please, please, pretty please possible to put a "Mark Read" button within the categories list, where it belongs? All this extra clicking needed with the current setup is really getting old. It also opens the possibility of selecting the wrong category. Please put that button where it belongs, as is the case on every other blog site I use. As I recall, with the old board, clicking on the "Mark Read" button, not only marked the messages read, but also took you back to the category list. A much more intelligent method than the current nonsense.

  • Galactic Empire

    That's a functionality feature request for NodeBB, not us. I'm unaware of a way we can achieve that.

  • I really have to wonder why anyone would think it was an appropriate method. Another improvement would be if the categories had something to indicate whether there were unread messages, so it wouldn't be necessary to check each one. However, I have no connection with NodeBB, beyond this board. So, I am really not in much of a position to influence them, but the board operators may be.

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