Load balancer HTTPS monitor on Exchange 2016

  • Hello,

    I have set up a load balancer for my Exchange servers, and it's working great, except for the HTTPS monitor :

    HTTP monitor on Exchange : OK
    HTTPS monitor on another server : OK
    HTTPS monitor on Exchange : fail (LB marks it down)

    The monitor is looking for a 200 code, which is provided here : /owa/healthcheck.htm
    I also tried to monitor the IIS root folder directly, same thing.
    My certificate is from a trusted CA.
    And of course nothing in the LB logs...

    Any help appreciated...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I highly doubt the built-in load balancer (relayd) is going to adequately handle a handoff with Exchange. You should install the haproxy package and use that instead.