SquidGuard: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() during boot

  • When booting up my pfSense machine, I'm getting several "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/pkg/squidguard.inc on line xxx" errors. The lines are: 410, 456, 472, 551, 562, and 577. All of these lines are inside a foreach loop:```
    foreach($pkg['fields']['field'] as $field) {

    It doesn't seem like this causes any problems, though I would still like to know what causes this problem.

  • Only with boot?

  • Apparently - I've not seen the error anywhere in the logs or on the web interface. I've looked through squidguard.inc and to me, it seems like moste of these foreach loops should only be used by the web interface - so I wonder what is causing this error to appear during bootup.
    I've attached a screen capture of the messages that appear at the end of the bootup process.

  • Hehe :D
    Thanks, i  look this bug.

  • Seems like it's gone now - I upgraded to the latest version of the squidGuard package and I am no longer getting these erros.

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