SETTING UP NUT for CyberPower UPS Devices

  • All of my units are Cyberpower UPS devices. I currently have 6. I am very new to pFsense. I want to get pFsense to shut down my machines, both ON the same UPS and on others after 15 minutes, then the pFsense machine itself. I know enough to know that I don't know how to do this. I've read the documentation. It is not helping me. A EXAMPLE (IF POSSIBLE) of this type of setup IN PFSENSE using its regular and advanced settings windows would be AWESOME! I would recommend it also be included in the documentation.

    Finally, can a command ALSO be sent TO THE UPS to tell IT to shut off after the battery gets to 50% or 40% capacity from another machine? THAT would be GREAT for the longevity of the battery. (NOT killing it completely).

    THANKS a bunch in advance.