Setting up pfsense with two subnets?

  • Got pfsense installed on a ryzen system with two nic without any issue.
    Installed the addons needed without any problem.
    Going out to a tplink 16 port smart switch.

    But want to setup two separate subnets.. for internal use and for restaurant use.

    Noramlly i read up on it but my ms is causing my short term memory to hold up a sign saying out of order lol.

    Iam guessing this would involve vlans and tagging but just can't get the grey matter to cooperate today.

    any ideas?

  • Or maybe slap in another nic and add firewall rule for communication between the two subnets?

  • With a smart switch, you could set up VLANs with one interface. However, some models of TP-Link gear are on the avoid list.

  • @jknott

    Thankfully i bought the TL-SG1016DE V3 so it doesn't have the vlan bug.

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