fitlet-XA10-LAN NIC freeze / Working setup anyone?

  • Hi!

    Is here anyone who has a fitlet-XA10-LAN running with pfSense for more than 6 months without any errors, hangs, freezes, etc?

    We and customers running pfSense have no luck. The fitlet's NICs (one or more) freeze after running for several hours or days. I have read about such a behaviour in this forum. And there is a thread that describes this pretty well - except that we are unable to heel with interface down/up (

    I believe we have tried everything, from BIOS to all kinds of system tunables and settings on the switches, different kinds of switches, cables, even hardware filters (to get rid of possible spikes). We are far away from running this fitlet reliable. And we have no clue what's going on here.

    The question is: Is someone out there who has this fitlet running successfully, stable and solid?
    I would like to compare the configurations (BIOS, pfSense, ... everything).

    Thank you very much!