6to4: monitoring gateway address needs to entered manually

  • When I config my WAN for 6to4 then verify the LAN and clients are getting addressing (via LAN config Follow Interface WAN), I get an "Offline" gateway status for the WAN_6TO4 tunnel until I manually config a monitoring IP.

    Q: Shouldn't the tunnel negotiation set the monitoring IP from the default IPv6 gateway acquired from the tunnel negotiation?

    e.g. it sets the gateway as 2002:c058:xxxx:: but I have to manually set the monitoring IP to be 2002:c058:xxxx::1 to get an "Online" status.

  • Can you ping your gateway?
    As the monitoring needs the gateway to respond to an ICMP echo request.

  • @theserverguy Only after I enter the ::1 address specifically in the monitoring field. Just enabling the 6to4 config isn't enough for the gateway monitoring.

    If I leave it blank IPv6 still works but the monitor says it's down. So it seems to be cosmetic but affects the uptime stats.

    So I suspect the 6to4 code simply missing a step when it creates the dynamic gateway for monitoring.

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