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    The company I work for uses PC's to control hardware devices. The control software is not compatible with most AV and Malware scanning software. So as a result we treat the PC's as controllers rather than workstations.

    This presents problems for customers because they want the PC networked to move the large amount of data the systems generate. So we recommend a second pc that is networked and connected to the controller via a second nic on a different ip and subnet. Then setting up a write only share on the secondary pc. This isolates the controller and all the AV and malware software is on the proxy.

    This leads to my real question, we also want to be able to access the controller via logmein or teamviewer to update software / troubleshoot etc.

    I'm sure there is a way to do this without exposing the controller to the internet. Anyone out there have any options?

  • Just put a firewall between the controller subnet & proxy subnet. You can fabricate rule however you want, to only allow what you want.

  • @heper

    I am pretty sure we will end up going with team viewer and as I understand only one port would need to be forwarded from the proxy to the controller. Does this seem correct?

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    team viewer doesn't require any sort of port forwarded inbound.

    Why would you not just isolate these devices on their own segment.. Then VPN in and access whatever you want via whatever protocol you need from the vpn connection. This segment(s) you place your devices on can be isolated as much or as little as the customer devices.

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