How configure 1:1 NAT that "client fw" configure IP like IP Alias?

  • Hi,
    I have a pfsense with an WAN IP and a routed public subnet.
    The public subnet is configured as IP Alias and I can set 1:1 NAT to LAN (or VLAN subnets) IPs which works like a charm.

    Now I want to setup a second "client" pfsense on a VLAN (e.g. subnet.
    My steps would be: 1:1 NAT of a public IP to, so the client pfsense has its public IP.

    But what if I want to add a second public IP?
    Of course I can set another 1:1 NAT to a specific IP in that VLAN (e.g.

    How to achieve that the client pfsense set its "own" IP Alias?

    Or wait a Minute: is not the second IP ( the IP Alias?


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