PBX NEC Sv8100 nat 5060 port

  • Hello to all.
    I have a PBX Sv8100 model nec with ip behind a PfSense ( and I would have to run it with some voip channels.
    The PBX can make the outgoing calls without problems but when I call the incoming number the pfSense blocks the request from the VoIP operator.

    After an in-depth analysis with the VOIP telephony operator (ip and the NEC producer, they confirmed to me that the NEC control panel should receive voice requests only on port 5060.
    The Nec opens the connections on random ports and therefore has to create an outgoing rule to pass the requests to the ip only from the 5060 port so that the operator response will return to port 5060 and then the incoming call will be established.

    Honestly it is a configuration that I've never done, I usually make the rules of nat input and I would like your advice on how to solve this problem.


  • Hi,
    I must create an outbound nat rules that modify the ports from in for all packages going to

    Is it possible?

  • I found the solution with this rules :


    ![0_1530282975934_043c27f8-c900-4e0c-becc-c156505b4d32-immagine.png](Caricamento 100%)

    Thanks ...


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