Ntop service keeps stopping.

  • I can not figure out why it keeps stoping, i need to go into services and restart it.

    Is there a way to make a service restart automaticly if it crashes or has a issue?

    I just upgraded to 1.2.2

  • From my own previous experience, NTOP usually crashes when there isnt enough memory on the host system and/or heavy P2P can also causes this.

    Only way to restart this I guess would be to write a script thats called from cron to check if the service is running, if not, it will start it for you, as my scripting skillls are zero, I wouldnt know where to start helping you.


  • same here, my bsd scripting skills are about the same.

    Does anyone have a script that does this check? Would like something that checks every min or so.

    I have this on a 1.4 P4 with 1.5gb ram. I would have thought it would be plenty .. just fustrating .. i love ntop

  • As far as I know Ntop is as memory consuming as snort. And snort does not run sufficiently if there is less than a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

  • oh, on my status screen it says i am using 25% of my 1.5gb.

    So if i want to run snort and ntop i should have a 4gb + pc?

    I have this on a 1.5ghz p4 with 1.5gb ram.

    Guess i will hold off installing snort until i get a new server for it.

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