Traffic Shaping - Where are the rules hidden at?

  • Hi there,

    I installed 1.2.2 the other day and played a bit around with it, but it had some limitations (multi wan for one) that made me switch to 2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA and I have now got it configured with my networks, nat, firewall etc. and now comes the time to the fun part - Traffic Shaping.

    I have tried the various wizards and the basic shaping works, so far so good. But I would like to make more specific rules abut what type of traffic that should get higher priority than others. The problem is that I just can't seem to find any places to change the rules. Is it just me that's blind, or isn't this possible?

    Edit: Woops, forgot the build number. It's this one that I'm using: pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090201-1409.img

    PS. Keep up the good work, so far pfSense is pretty sweet.


  • Give a thought to the "Floating" tab on the Firewall->Rules section.

  • @ermal:

    Give a thought to the "Floating" tab on the Firewall->Rules section.

    Cool, thank you.

    PS. You guys have hidden that one pretty well, I did not associate floating with traffic shaping in any way whatsoever! ;-)

  • It's not hidden the way you cpnfigure traffic shaping is incorporated on the firewall rules now.

  • im sorry if this is hijacking the thread but i though y to waste a thread to ask a simple question mayb.

    is there some sort of a online guide or mayb a sticky can help on how to configure the traffic shaper manually rather than the wizard as im using the firewall basically for that only as i just got 4 clients behind it but sometimes ppl just dont listen when u ask them not to start torrent downlaods in peak hours of business which kills the network for others.

  • ermal: Yea ok, bad choice of words. What I mean is that it really isn't very intuitive where to go, if you don't figure out that floating equals traffic shaping rules. I would like to suggest a comment about it on the traffic shaping pages, or maybe even a link to the floating rules page.

    xbipin: I don't know, but I would like a nice guide too. Since I've only just started making rules. :-)
    About the bad users, until you get the shaping going, then tell them that if they don't behave, then you wont give them Internet access - and then block them if they don't behave.

  • @elctor: You can configure the traffic shaper on ANY rule that is present under Firewall->Rules.
    You are just a very basic user to all advanced features that are on 2.0.
    The Floating tab is there to allow you to create rules with out direction or that apply to any interface and some such(but that is not for you :). On any rule you create on 2.0 if you have created queues(configured the traffic shaper) you can assign a queue to it and it will show.
    If you payed more attention you will see there is a column on the rule summary that says traffic shaper and shows the queues.

    I will not comment anymore on this it just you need to read more.

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