A Few General Questions about pfSense ..

  • I'm curious to know if; and this is going to sound stupid to a lot of people, if pfSense is more secure out of the box than the average ISP Router \ Modem \ Box ..

    I've set up pfSense on my home server and the obvious configs with in the actual GUI Web-Configuration such as Time & Date etc; have been done but I've had real bad problems when I've done installs.

    This time on my home server I have reset the server it self to default settings in the BIOS and reset pfSense to the default factory settings. This time it has seemed to work.

    Is their any settings or something I should be changing from the factory out of the Box Config set-up ?

    I've entered my own DNS and unchecked "Override DNS on WAN" with in the actual set-up wizard .

    My question is; will this be enough and suffice for more than average security \ protection than the home user with their standard ISP Box?

    Thanks guys in advance ..

  • Without more info, your questions are impossible to answer.

  • I've disabled IP.v6 and set my own DNS to that of my VPN Provider.

    I'm also running 2.4.2 bevause my hardware doesn't support encryption like the newer versions need I think .

    Thats the only changes I have made after installing on my rack.

    My question: Is this better than the average home user with their ISP Box \ Modem \ Router and is their any additional configs I have to do to pfSense that will not bork my set-up.


  • @thehermit said in A Few General Questions about pfSense ..:

    I’ve disabled IP.v6

    Why??? The world is moving to IPv6 as it's the future. Sticking with IPv4 gets you nothing but hassles.

  • Developer Netgate

    @thehermit Hardware encryption will probably be a requirement for v 2.5

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