HA firewall cant use virtual interfaces on wan for SSH

  • I have two dell 1u servers that I am using for a High Avilability System and I have a block of static ip addresses for my buisness and my virtual interface for the HA WAN is .4 and my R1 is .2 and my R2 is .3 but I have clients that are trying to connect to .7. my LAN virt interface is and R1 is and R2 is My clients arte trying to access via SSH and I have portforwarded it and I have put it in the 1:1 NAT tab too but still no luck. When I ping .7 from R1 it says it can see it and its up and i get my pings back but from the external network I cant get into it. But I can SSH into R1 and R2 from the external network. And when I VPN into my network I can SSH into so I know that it is up and that not the issue. Also when I put a full ip address like that means I am reffering to my LAN and when I put something like .3 that means i am reffering to my static ips from comcast and i only put .3 for obveous reasons I didnt know if that would help. Can anybody else please help

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