Traffic gets dropped on LAN port

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    I am new to pfSense but so far enjoying what my SG 1000 can do.
    I use pfSense as a desktop firewall at home. I noticed that after some time I lost connection to Internet. Unplugging and plugging the LAN port where the desktop is connected fixes the issue, although the problem arises again after some time
    Is this a bug or have you seen this before? I am running the latest OS version, running a VPN tunnel (openbgpd on top) to a cloud provider, but nothing else

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ok, so what is actually lost when you lose connectivity? can you still ping the LAN IP?

    If you connect to the serial console can you ping out from the SG-1000 either to a LAN IP or a public WAN IP?

    When you disconnect and reconnect the LAN cable a lot of processes are triggered. It would be good to try to narrow that down. Try re-saving the LAN settings from the console for example or running:
    ifconfig cpsw1 down; ifconfig cpsw1 up

    Do either of those restore connectivity?

    Are you routing all your traffic over the VPN?


  • thanks for the reply. I was losing all network traffic, internet and traffic going to an IPSEC tunnel to another location
    I am running OpenBGPD to have BGP on top of my IPSEC
    I managed to fix the problem upgrading to latest 2.4.3 p1
    Seems to be stable since then

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