Looking at hardware for router: J4005 vs J5005

  • The J5005's normal clock is 1.5ghz but boosts to 2.8ghz (Quad Core)
    The J4005's normal clock is 2.0ghz boosts to 2.7ghz (Dual Core)
    J5005 itx motherboard is about 2x the price of the J4005.

    I have Spectrum Gigabit (waiting for AT&T to hit my subdivision) and run 2 concurrent VPN connections.

    Current hardware is a G4560 which I consider overkill and would like to repurpose to build a system for one of my kids. The J4005 should theoretically give higher throughput for openvpn due to base clock speed, but I have concerns that the dual core may limit overall performance if I ever decide to add other services.


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    Given that OpenVPN is single threaded and that the graphics hardware won't be in use at all I would expect the burst mode to available most or all of the time to that core. Though I've never actually used either chip myself.
    I would have thought there's no advantage to the Celeron other than price.


  • I have the J5005-ITX coming in tomorrow. I have an HP NC360T dual intel gigabit adapter but it is a PCIe x4 card. To get around that I have an x1 to x16 adapter to use.

    I will attempt to do some benchmarks prior to getting pfsense going on it and post to this thread:

    Edit: It's here. Comparing this J5005 to my Pentium G4560 it is the same speed over VPN, at a reduction of 54W to 10W for CPU TDP.

    CPU Frequency does not reflect boost past 1500mhz however it looks like turbo is working because of the 1501mhz as reported. Unfortunately I don't know if this is normal with FreeBSD vs Linux. I do know it turbo's fine as I installed windows first and it clocked up to 2800mhz fine.

    dev.cpu.0.freq_levels: 1501/0 1500/0 1400/0 1300/0 1200/0 1100/0 1000/0 900/0 800/0
    dev.cpu.0.freq: 1501

    Intel Pentium Silver J5005 4x1.5 (Turbo to 2.8) TDP 10W -CPU Mark 2987 -Single Thread 1182
    3200/9.21 = 347 Mbps (aes-256-cbc)
    3200/8.67 = 369 Mbps (aes-256-gcm)

  • Ryzen 2200g is a better choice for the $. Faster, can oc, etc