PKG tool doesnt work at all... no output.

  • I havent been able to install any updates through the web interface in a while. Today i sshed to pfSense instance to troubleshoot the issue and found out that pkg tool doesnt work.

    [2.4.2-RELEASE][]/var/db/pkg: pkg --help
    [2.4.2-RELEASE][]/var/db/pkg: pkg-static --help
    [2.4.2-RELEASE][]/var/db/pkg: pkg-static update -f 
    [2.4.2-RELEASE][]/var/db/pkg: pkg

    My pfSense is a remote installation on an ESXi machine, accessible only through VPN and I dont have a physical access to it.
    Is there a feasible way to troubleshoot this issue further and it remotely?

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