Tmobile cellspot - OPT1 interface

  • I am brand new to Pfsense. Just migrated from Sophos XG so please go easy on me. It was relatively easy in Sophos but not sure what I am doing wrong in Pfsense.

    I have four physical interfaces. One for WAN, one for LAN, one for the Tmobile cellspot and one empty.

    The setup is fairly vanilla (installed pfsense today). No fancy rules yet or NAT setup.

    I would like to install the Tmobile cellspot on its physical interface with IP. I setup OPT1 as an interface with static IP. Setup a firewall rule to allow all traffic.

    I am not getting an ip or any traffic flow. Not sure what I am missing.

  • Hello folks - I resolved this. For anyone experiencing this, especially people migrating from Sophos - In pfsense, when an interface is enabled, it creates an entry in the SERVICES > DHCP SERVER for this interface. You have to enable the DHCP server. Once done - IP addresses will be assigned. Hope this helps.

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  • Cellspot is a cellular extender of sorts? Femtocell??

  • Oh - it helps in increasing coverage -

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    These devices make an outbound IPsec connection to the mothership, then appear locally as a cell tower and send the traffic over the IPsec tunnel. You can use your cell phone where there is otherwise poor or nonexistent cellular coverage but you have internet (like in a basement, concrete TEOTWAWKI bunker, etc).

    Setting up a DHCP server really has nothing to do with getting one of these working. It is generally required any time you add more interfaces to pfSense and need DHCP.

    These microcells do not require anything custom when pfSense is in its default configuration. They do generally require clear LoS to the GPS constellation (some have remote GPS antennas you can place in a window) and lots of patience. They can take forever to sync up.

    Using one would geolocate you precisely I would also imagine.

  • Any reason why WiFi calling can't be used? I have lousy cell coverage in my home and rely on WiFi calling to have reliable service here.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Seems like a personal choice.

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