pfsense on OVH dediacted server

  • Dear all,

    I have a dedicate server on OVH and I installed pfsense (ikvm part).
    Now I need to make a connection with a browser on the local ip address, but I cannot join this local ip.

    Can you give me a way to access to the browser interface ?

    The server have 2 ip address a local ip and another (WAN)

    I have another server in the same LAN with a browser (but the both server didn't ping).

    I thing the eth is not up or something like that.

    Best regards

  • Netgate Administrator

    Can you connect to the console?

    Does the LAN show as UP there?

    It sounds like some configuration issue in OVH to be honest. If the local client in the same subnet cannot connect to it something is blocking that traffic or it's trying to connect to the wrong interface etc.


  • I have an instance running just fine in OVH.

    Once I installed it, I had to double check the interface to make sure they were connected to the correct networks.

    I also had to clone the MAC from the NIC on ESXi for the WAN interface in pfSense to get it to work.

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