Intel Dual Port Trunking working?

  • Hi All,
    I am currently exploring possibilities which hardware setup fits best for our firewall scenario with pfsense.
    Actually there are Servers which need to go into a DMZ but still there is pretty much load from LAN in its direction.
    So I am worrying a bit about wrap / alix stuff as it would be the bottleneck of the network then…
    I was thinking to use PC hardware and the question that comes to my mind is if it would be possible to use e.g. an Intel Dual Port NIC with trunking,
    so that I get theoretical connection of 2GBit. (I know it would not be the real throughput... ;)
    I know that the NIC is supported but would need to figure out if I can use both ports for one logical interface "easily".

    Thanks a lot for you responses.


  • Currently Link Aggregation isn't supported. Unless you use v2.0,12459.0.html

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