Make a static route with specified tcp port

  • Hello, i have a pfsense installed and i need make a static route to only a specified ip/network access the tcp 80(http) in secondary gateway. Anyone can help-me?


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    Routes don't know about ports.. You could create a firewall rule with dest ip/port that sends traffic down a specific gatway.

  • but my gateway is a specified ip in network and dont have a interface associated. For sampelo, the network 192.168.9.x gateway is but this rules need work with only to tcp port.

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    Create a gateway in pfsense, and then policy route it via firewall rule. You don't need a interface, just a gateway.

  • I make a new gateway in system/routing/gateways and choose lan interface and in gatewy ipaddress i put the and mark the option use non-local gateway through interface specific route. In rules i create a rule firewal/rules/lan source singles host or alias ( destination any port http 80. but when i try to acces a site or make a telnet in tcp port and dont work :(

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    sound like you have asymmetrical mess if your gateway is going to be out your lan interface. Why don't you draw up your network and point out exactly what your trying to do..

    ption use non-local gateway through interface specific route

    How is it you would be hitting a "gateway" that is not on the same network?

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