2 issues Double Nat and Port Forwarding

  • hi im running pfsense 2.4.3
    I trying to get my xbox one out of double nat mode.. and I having issues with battle net on the computer for world of Warcraft.. I downloaded portforward program from portforward.com site and even when I set port forward say 443 in pfsense It still doenst port forward it it tells me

    my setup is … internet modem (dhcp)----->pfsense--dhcp 192.168.0.x (to my devices )

    I have tried to do things I read on different forms on here I googled none helping.;. I thought I could disable the firewall under advanced/firewall & Nat and the check box says disable at packet filterig and just acts as a router but it actually in end disables all internet

    so I not sure what to do maybe someone has a better link I can follow to fix both issues as I tried to setup Upnp in pfsense for battle.net but that didn't help either

  • I am stuck with you. I have a vpn so my problem is more complex, but for you this video will fix the xbox. Worked fine for me before the VPN. Reboot pf after you complete the steps in the video and your nat will be open! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5U0nj9oaZY&t=1s

  • ok thanks I tried it works.. now I not double nat'ed ill worry about the port forwarding later..
    least one thing working
    I have OpenVPN server to connect to my home network it seems to work and now nat works.. but I also wanna get a vpn service for privacy online

  • yep, and the vpn makes it strict or moderate again lol

  • I have no experience yet for a vpn service to protect my internet surfing but if you need help with vpn service for your home network to access..
    I followed this guys video it worked for me there is a part he forgot he mentioned as I mentioned it to him it didn't work for me. but I still can access network and the double nat is gone
    maybe it work for you that's if your doing OpenVPN to your home

  • From your description I'm not clear on how you are forwarding traffic from the Internet modem to the pfSense? You would normally either have to put pfSense in the modem's DMZ, or forward ports on the modem to pfSense, where you forward them again to your devices.

  • sorry I don't get updates when people reply
    but how it goes is dsl modem gets there ip address.. its also a dhcp server.. then goes directly to my pfsense that gets the ip address and then I distribute internet in its own dhcp 192.168.0.x

    I got it to work from that video but I now have issues trying to get OpenVPN to work for trying the trial NordVPN and my own remote access VPN as I posted 2 topics in the OpenVPN section

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