Gateway monitoring ping times off on secondary pfSense

  • Ours is a multi-wan, HA configuration with 2 pfSense boxes set up using a CARP virtual IP for both WANs. WAN1 is the faster link (fiber). On the primary pfSense box, the Gateways widget on the home page, Status -> Monitoring and manual pings all show ping time to the gateway consistently in the 0.5 ms range.

    On the secondary pfSense box both the Gateways widget and Status -> monitoring report ping times in the 15 - 20 ms range, which is way out of bounds for this particular link. Manual ping on this box shows the expected times of around 0.5 ms.

    Why the discrepancy between the widget/monitoring and the manual pings? Is there some configuration setting that I need to change? Could this be a bug?

  • I recently upgrade to 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 and this is working properly now. Not sure if the upgrade fixed it or maybe it just needed a reboot.

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