Multiple subnets behind one pfSense: cannot acces subnets from PPTP

  • Hi there :)

    Im quite new to pfSense, and I want it to manage our costumer network, with it's included local user management feature (captive portal).

    First, here is a diagramm what the network looks like (for now):

    The Linksys WLAN Router uses DD-WRT as operating system, operating mode is router.

    Surfing from each network and accessing the VPN from outside works fine, but there are two limitations, and I'm not sure if it is a configuration problem or a general networking problem:

    1. If I'm external connecte to the pfSense VPN I'm not able to access the costumer subnet, I already have activated the "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" option, a firewall rule to permit all trafic on the LAN and PPTP Interface has been added too.
      Accessing the costumer subnet ( if I'm direct connected to the pfSense subnet ( works fine.

    2. I'm not able to make more then one VPN connection from the internal subnet, equal if I connect to the pfSense VPN, nor to any external VPN. If one connection is established I'm not able to make a second one. Multiple connections from outside to the pfSense VPN works fine.

    For the second problem I have found several informations here and in the m0n0wall mailing list but, enabling AON & static port didn't help for me

    Thanks & Best regards

    Malte :)

  • I must excuse, after having another long time in searching and reading I found the answer for it in the wiki (

    As well I found some other threads that handle this theme, but they were closed or to old to grab them out, so is there a actual state?
    I soon will have a try for the beta, is there perhaps somebody who already has some experience with this in the snapshot?

    Malte :)

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