"403 Forbidden" please help !

  • I made the mistake of trying to use the command in the web control.
    I enter the command:
    cd / var / squid / cache
    rm -rf *
    and now go back to the control web page, it says:
    403 Forbidden

    Could you please show me how to restore this control page?
    Pfsense still works normally, just not at the site control


    Sory for my bad English

  • Hello. Did you try to restore pfsense to previous dates? If not, go to pfSense CLI, which is black screen when pfSense starts.. Choose option 15 and select one of the previous configurations to restore.

    alt text

  • Thank you for your reply !

    How can I view multiple backups to choose the right one?

  • When you select option 15 "Restore recent configuration" it will show you two options: view and restore. Select view and look at the previous dates that you want to restore. I think, it will show you 30 recent configurations. Type the number of the backup and press enter, wait a moment. Then try to login pfSense web gui.

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