Cisco TelePresence SX20 - No Video Inbound

  • Hi All,

    I'm at the end of my tethers with this one, must of spent 20 + hours this week alone in trying to get this to work.


    Outbound/Inbound Voice - All Ok
    Outbound Video - All Ok
    Inbound Video - Fail

    I have gone by this thread:

    But still, no joy!

    To confirm the network this codec sits behind has been set to manual NAT (static ports). All ports inbound/outbound are open (firewall rules) and relevant inbound NAT rules setup.

    From the firewall logs I can see traffic going out ok, however, can't see much come back in (Pass/Block). We have tested the same device on another network and everything tested ok.

    Can any one else shed any light?

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    Without you showing your nats and firewall rules its impossible to help you spot what is wrong.

  • Is that codec connected via IP only or is there ISDN/T1/... telephony service as well? Stand alone or centrally managed?

    As Johnpoz already posted, we need to see you NAT and rules.

  • Hi Both,

    Thanks for response.

    Firewall Rules are:


    **local_vc being an allias for LAN IP of Codec.

    NAT Port Forward Rules:


    NAT Outbound:


    My only other thought here is; this network sits on Regus (Serviced Office) Network, they provide a Public WAN IP for us to sit behind with open access. I am wondering if they have NAT enabled thus screwing up our ports inbound/outbound.

  • What are your WAN rules? You don't have incoming video so that's more important to see than your LAN rules (that's outbound).

    You don't use SIP calling, do you? Only IP based H.232 and what else exactly?

    Have you seen this guide:

    and this foot note:
    Important note: If the other party uses MXP series TelePresence, then the ports differ, for example RTP media ports for MXP series are UDP 46000-49000 and not 2326-2485. So you need to know about the other party equipment to open the required ports in the firewall.

    BTW: which codec is used on the other side?

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