pfsense - and just pfsense - loses internet connection on failover

  • Hi all,

    I have a fast internet connection that is extremely unreliable. As a parent and someone who works in IT, an outage is an extremely painful experience in this house so I invested in a cheap ADSL line as failover.

    I've managed to set this up using Google and this forum and in general it works well. Everything goes out of the fibre connection unless I unplug it (or it goes down) at which point everything goes out of the ADSL. Reconnect it, everything comes back up.

    What I've noticed and can't figure out is that if I disconnect the fibre connection and the ADSL line kicks in, pfsense still routes traffic from the LAN without a problem BUT pfsense itself loses connection to the internet. If, for example, I go to package manager I see "Unable to retrieve package information". Plug the fibre back in, refresh the page, I can see the packages.

    Is there somewhere else I need to set they gateway to WANGroup that I'm not seeing? I can't see a rule for 'localhost' or similar and, to be perfectly honest, I don't want to try anything because I have a fully working setup with this annoyance and I know how easy it is to slip in to everything being broken :-)



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