Verizon USB730L USB LTE modem

  • Is anyone using this modem with pfsense? It does have documentation on how to get it running on Linux, so I'm hopeful it can be used as a usb-ethernet device.

    My local ISP is going down too often so I need a failover option. As my boss gets upset when I can't work . . .

    I'm open to any verizon or sprint usb device, but this seems to be what is current on Verizon today. The usb device on Sprint is 3G only.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Neither PID listed here 9030 or 9032 are included in the most recent usb device list:

    So I would not expect it to be detected in either if those modes. It might be detected in RNDIS mode if you load the kernel module since that can seemingly attach to things that reports to be an RNDIS interface. No promises though.

    It's almost always better to use a device that provides an Ethernet connection if you can. Especially if you want 4G speeds.


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