• We having been using a single instance of PFSense for a while now and have the status page and snort displaying on a TV wall in our office along with feeds from a number of other monitoring and security systems. There is now a plan to install PFSense devices in a number of our remote sites as part of a change from MPLS connections to site-to-site VPN's.

    We don't have a big enough TV wall to display the individual feeds from 15+ PFSense appliances and are wondering if anyone can recommend any software for displaying the status of multiple appliances in one window. We are especially keen to display the snort feeds from all our devices together.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello @siil-it,

    you can monitor the general pfSense state with SNMP within your classic monitoring.
    For the snort alert you have to configure a syslog server and handle the messages from snort on your syslog server.

    Kind regards