Readable Configuration Report for Non-Default Settings?

  • Has anyone run across a utility or something that will parse a pfSense backup xml file or the pfSense > Status report ([pfsenseip]/status.php), lift out just the non-default settings, and format that in some human readable form? I'd like to try a radically different pfSense setup from a factory reset, but have that information on hand for a basis.

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    No but you could always diff it against the default configuration after it is reset.

    It will likely be a lot of output however. The backup configuration itself might be more useful.

  • Yep. That's what I'm wading through right now. I'm not done, but I've cut it down from someplace around 100 pages of text to a mere 50. 😁

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    For things like firewall rules, NAT, and Aliases /tmp/rules.debug is probably the most concise representation immediately available.

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